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The Past as the Cause of our Present

Updated: May 15

"The past is the cause of our present,

the present is the basis for our future"

A fact that many people actually understand and yet we manage to constantly be in the energy of the past, in the present moment and decide on our future on the basis of the perceived past in the present moment.

In my opinion, what we urgently need are not moments, courses, training etc. that teach us new things or take us "further", but we need moments that teach us to be present and to recognize the past, present and future for what they are and what power lies in these individual epochs. At the same time, the moment to truly learn something new also comes from the current impulse and yet cannot be ignored. It's an as well as thing; It only contradicts itself when we want to learn from a deficiency, an addiction or something similar. We have partially lost our inherent curiosity. The aforementioned desire to learn or to progress is therefore not the same as the inner, almost childlike curiosity to experience and learn something new.

We need moments that allow us not to move forward and further but to go deeper and expand from within.

We need moments that allow us to recognize from which feeling, from which mindset and therefore from which energy we create every day. The inner process work, the mindfulness lies in being present and recognizing from this moment where I really am with myself right now; not where I was or where I am going. We have become good at compensating, making too many compromises, repressing. We can relearn again if we want to.

It means taking complete responsibility and being able to endure the moment if necessary. The past and future become clear when we make these moments an everyday permanent state. The act of creation is so simple in principle and yet it requires discipline and permeability at the same time.

So the questions I ask myself every day are

  1. where do I stand with myself

  2. why am I right where (Reasoning / Motive)

  3. how do I feel about it and

  4. what is my current step

... not the step in 3 hours or tomorrow, but right now. It can be very exciting when we integrate this task into our everyday lives to see what can come to light. Also what new things can emerge and what exactly prevents us from doing the things we really want to do. Through mindfulness and, above all, honesty towards ourselves, we can use very simple tools that require honesty, courage and dedication to glide into exactly what we really need in life, step by step.

I'm not offering any courses or anything similar at the moment. Only 1:1 support. If I were to do something, this would be one of the main pillars: Presence training. Not what is in the past and what do you want for the future, but where are you now and what do you need right now.

I believe that many people who have enjoyed attending courses, workshops and seminars of all kinds in the past and suddenly no longer feel like it, have reached the point described above; their inner self guides them towards themselves instead of into distractions. At this point, it should be said that just because something is "good", it doesn't necessarily have to be necessary or just the right thing. We are asked to come into our presence. Our inner guidance slows down the inner and especially the outer wheel (this also includes reluctance to do something or learn something new) until we recognize what is really at stake, what is really groundbreaking and important for myself. If we fallow this impulse, our inner will guide us and if we fallow the impulse, the wheel might start spinning again. Maybe in a different way than before.

There is the flip side of this, where people are constantly attending courses and further training to actually fill a hole, to compensate for a deficiency. This is also not a true need that comes from the presence of the moment. From the presence of the moment, we would recognize why we are doing a course or further training. We don't press the stop button there and don't listen to ourselves. Instead, we simply continue on our usual path and thus spin the wheel of habits.

In a state of mindfulness towards ourselves, we don't look for the solution but allow ourselves to be; we allow the present space that we need to determine which impulses we are actually following in order to recognize whether we are actually feeling ourselves inside or whether I am spinning in the wheel of the collective, the past, the future or the wheel of habits.

This is not always an easy task, because it means allowing. Because it means being honest and because it sometimes also means enduring the pain, the anger, the disappointment, the helplessness, the sadness from the past for a moment in the presence, feeling it in order to recognize where I am with myself at that very moment and realising, what kind of everyday and often subtle basic energy / basic mood actually accompanies me through the day. From this state, we create the future and the present.

Spirits of Form - Wall Panel Drawing by Rudolf Steiner

From which core mood and energy do you create your present and thus your future? How do you deal with unpleasant situations and feelings? Can you acknowledge them without repressing them? If we don't keep feelings and experiences inside us, they can continue to flow instead of being stuck within us. Memories and feelings are nothing more than a cluster of subtle energies. We can hold on to them or let them go just like a ball. It is up to us. If we don't hold on to them, our Self-Energy can flow purer from imprints and we can feel our true self better. A state in which we have the opportunity to be more authentic, to feel ourselves more authentically. Feeling the true core of our self instead of the overlays of imprints, blockages and patterns. When we manifest from a state of pure being, some call it "acting from the center" or "acting from the heart", we act from the pure and for the highest good for ourselves and others. This state is often referred to and experienced as "flow in life". It feels good, flowing, harmonious. It doesn't always have to be easy or the simplest solution; the big difference is that when we create from our center instead of out of constraints and compulsions, it feels coherent and right; regardless of whether the path is very easy or a little rockier.

When we look at the world today, it seems to me to be one of the most important tasks in our evolution. A task in which it is about recognizing ourselves; among all the things we sometimes hide under and without all the things we sometimes wrongly identify with.

If you need support in these processes or a holistic-psychic view of your core energy, you are welcome to contact me for support.

All my love

Naya Stone

Text: 13.5.2024 // ©Naya-Stone - Awakened

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